Tips to Give Up Gambling

Do treat the addiction as a money issue. Gamblers Anonymous or Debtors Anonymous or both could help.

Don’t try to give up anything else initially. Don’t worry about smoking and/or overeating. Tackle these later. No gambler ended up broke under the influence of a cigarette or a biscuit.

Do challenge the passing thought that you’d like to  gamble . In your head tell it to eff off. Otherwise a seed will be planted that could grow into a real bet instead of a craving. A week or so later you will find yourself in a bookies, at the track or in a casino spending what you can’t afford.

Don’t rush the program. Be a tortoise, not a hare. Leave the self-improvement steps until later. Just getting through the withdrawals without a relapse requires your full attention early on.

Do play the video the whole way through. We can’t control the first thought that enters our heads, but we can be our own director of what follows. If the opening scene is the first rush of excitement of sitting in a casino and asking for chips, say, don’t stop there. How many bets will you have? What scrapes will you get into? What harm will you do yourself and loved ones? What dark spot will you end up in? How many short months of misery before you end up in dead trouble?

Don’t go there. If you absolutely have to visit somewhere near a location or in a location which offers the temptation to behave in the old way, don’t stay a moment longer than you have to. Usually no one remembers when we left, only that we were there. Greet the people that matter and always plan your own escape route in case. Make sure you have the phone number of a taxi or a friend if needed. Sometimes people make a fuss about our not joining in if they have a problem similar to our own.

Do avoid major changes like divorce, moving house and a new partner or work where possible for one to two years. These are stressful and can interfere with one’s focus on getting through the withdrawals

Don’t get bored. Meetings only take up so much time. Fill the time you used to spend  gambling  with cinema, evening classes, the gym or swimming. You could try new activities to see which you like. Make a list of things you’d intended to do. Later on you will be able to go to a football match, for example, without having a bet. Because the program is a bridge to normal living. You will find out if you really enjoy watching the game or whether it was having a  gamble  that pulled you in. Chances are you will enjoy the football afresh.

Professional Gambling – Where to Get Betting Tips

Betting on sports can be frowned upon by many people. When one declares they are a professional gambler, eyebrows are raised and knowing smiles belie the fact that people think it’s a foolish pastime. Certainly, most people who gamble lose money – the novice gambler who throws down a loose bet on a hunch may win one or two bets, but in the end they are hit with a hefty failure, and give up.

Alternatively, they gamble away their life savings, digging themselves a deeper and deeper hole of debt. There is some truth in these stereotypes; gambling addiction is the reason behind many modern personal bankruptcies. However, there are also the significant minority of gamblers who make a living from their talent. They may not even see themselves as gamblers at all, but strategic risk takers. At the end of the day, there is little difference between a city stockbroker, betting his or his client’s money on whether the stock will rise or fall, and the professional gambler who makes small bets where the odds are in his favor.

The professional gambler scoffs at the novice, even when he makes a big bet that pays off. The risk was too high, and he will get his comeuppance soon enough. The professional gambler is in the business to reduce risk as much as possible, and make a solid living from informed bets. In this endeavor, he must using betting tips and the services of betting tipsters, who are also other bettors who know their craft to a fine art. In the trading world it is known as ‘fundamentals’.

The more information that one has, the more informed a decision one can make. This boils down to what the market (in this case, other bettors) believe the outcome of a sports bet will be. One can get opinions from anywhere – newspapers, magazines, bookies, friends, associates, and increasingly – online.

There are sites where one can pay a membership to get access to the best tips and knowledge out there. Other statisticians, professional gamblers and bet traders will have done the sums for you, and you can drastically reduce your risk by making an informed decision. These betting tips sites are also full of pertinent information on when to make a bet, and with which bookmaker. With the advent of the internet, sports betting has been completely transformed. Those who simply read the Racing Post or make gut decisions are being left at the starting post.

Sports Betting At Your Finger Tips

Sports Betting Tips

The sports  gambling   tips  from the experts at a sportsbook can be vague and specific. Since these professionals keep up with the up-to-date material on both teams and individual players, they will be able to sort valuable odds based on the records they analyze. Several of this statistics may not be offered to you, so the tips become very vital.

If you are unfamiliar to sports gaming or need to understand more about how to be profitable at it then you are most likely looking for someone to provide you some sports  gambling  picks. The answer is to ensure your  gambling  with a good sportsbook where you can not only get the newest and greatest betting  tips  and games, but also lots of useful sports wagering tips. This is info that can aid you  gamble  more cleverly and severely rise your picks of winning. While looking through virtual sports betting you will see the many sportsbooks that are offering their betting expertise through the net. They should also inform you of special sports betting promotions electronic and ways for you to sort more money and improve your available sports wagering experience.

After all, you can never take too much knowledge. These sports gaming picks include such ideas as when to order your bets. As example, if you are planning to bet on the long shot, wait to make your wager just before the game. This is due to the people gaming the favorite will normally be betting earlier and this will often multiplication the wagering odds in your favor by the time you place your play. In other words, if your long shot wins, you will gain a large return.

Each and every one can exercise a slight help now and then, and the sports betting  tips  you pick up from a well-liked sportsbook may be just what you need to give you that  gambling  edge.

The Reasons For Online Casino Gambling

Online casino  gambling  is something that you can have a lot of reasons to try. Even if you have never  gambled  before, online  gambling  is the wave of the future. You will be able to learn all that you need to  gamble  online. You will find that there are a lot of different things that you will be able learn and experience when you are online.

People will often go online and  gamble  because it is very relaxing. Put some money aside that you can spend on whatever you want and use it to  gamble . You will find that this is a relaxing hobby that can really pay off sometimes. It is important of course for you to only use the money that you can afford to play with. After all, it is not very relaxing to be broke.

If you happen to frequent casinos but not as often as you would like, then online  gambling  can be something that you can really benefit from. When you are not at the casino, keep your skills sharpened by playing online. You will find that you can learn a lot of things in between casino visits whenever you are still able to play on a regular basis. Playing at a casino can be very stressful and difficult if you are not used to the game. Make the game come to you naturally while you are in an environment that you are not familiar with.

The pay is of course something that keeps people coming back. While it is not a guarantee that  gambling  will pay you well, it is something that gives you the opportunity to win big. Whether you wish to earn a few bucks or try to do it professionally,  gambling  online can help you to get ahead of the game financially.

Of course it should always be remembered that  gambling  is not a guarantee to anything but a good time. You should not make any bets that you cannot back up.  Gambling  is meant as a fun hobby and something that you should do only if you can afford to.

The Dangers Of Gambling Abuse And Addiction

So, how do you know if you or someone you love have a  gambling  problem?

First of all it’s important to note that compulsive  gambling  is a psychological condition that makes people unable to control their desire to  gamble . Many crave the feeling they have when they  gamble  and seek this experience on a daily basis, no matter whether they’re on a winning or losing streak.

Compulsive gamblers may start betting small amounts, but sooner or later start to wager higher bets in order to get the same feelings of excitement they had when they first started playing. Compulsive gamblers often feel agitated and restless if they are unable to  gamble  and can feel a strong desire to  gamble  when other aspects of their lives are weighing them down. Compulsive gamblers may also believe that  gambling  is the only way to pay off debts and keep believing that it’s only a matter of time before they hit the elusive jackpot. Some compulsive gamblers may find themselves lying to friends and families and in some cases stealing money or goods to pay for their  gambling  habit.

Not all compulsive gamblers will exhibit each of these qualities, but if you recognise just a few of these in yourself or someone close to you then it could be time to seek help.

Compulsive  gambling  is treatable and there are a number of wonderful organisations set up to deal specifically with this problem.

Gamblers Anonymous is probably the most well-known and widespread and is based on a 12-step program similar to that of Alcoholics Anonymous. Members meet on a regular basis to share experiences and listen to each others stories and you will find that there are literally hundreds of Gamblers Anonymous groups situated all over the world. Go to the Gamblers Anonymous website for more information ( or check your local newspaper.

Gam-Anon is another well-respected self-help organization whose motto is “serenity, courage, wisdom. “Their website provides a solid resource into the issues surrounding compulsive  gambling  and meetings are held regularly. (

The National Council on Problem  Gambling  is a government sponsored organization with branches across the USA. The website also has a lot of information which you may find useful. (

Other countries will also have their own groups and organizations which may be publicly or privately run. Again check your local newspaper or phone book for more information.

Remember, compulsive  gambling  is a mental health issue for which there is help and support. If you feel that  gambling  is dominating your life in a way that is harmful or unhealthy, then perhaps its time to talk to someone about it.

Online Gambling – How To Become a Professional Gambler

If you have played online and now want to take it a bit more seriously and make big money in online  gambling , then this report is for you.

Here we will cover the games to focus on and the character traits you will need to be successful.

Consider the following fact:

98% of people who try online  gambling  have no idea of the concept of risk / reward and the theory of probability; if you do you will gain an edge over the majority of players.

Games of skill and chance

There are two types of online  gambling  games: games of chance and games of chance that also involve skill. Games of chance include roulette, slots, craps, keno, baccarat.

Don’t fall into the trap you can make money with systems in online games of chance if it’s a game of chance a system by its very nature cant help you! A system is a predictive tool and these games are games of chance.

Games of skill include most card games with the most popular being blackjack and poker.

A skill game involves using your knowledge of the game, the ability to make the right moves at the right time utilising proven strategies to increase your odds of success.

Online  Gambling  – Best games to play

The choice is really between blackjack and poker


Blackjack is a game where you can statistically put the odds in your favour by using basic strategy sand card counting and varying your bet size depending on your perceived odds of success.

It’s a game where you play against the casino and NOT other players and you get odds in your favor overtime of around 1.5%. If you are good card counter you can make money but blackjack does not tend to make many players rich.


In this game where you compete with other players for a winner takes all pot.

While you need to know the odds and probabilities there is another variable that is even more important:


Poker is a psychological game and keep in mind the best hand does not always win! You simply need to beat other players by gaining a psychological advantage.

Online  gambling  playing poker – The 5 traits for making big money

Educate yourself

Start by learning the basics of the game and try and read plenty of books from players who have won big money.

You need to know everything about pot odds, money management, slow playing, how to bluff etc. This information still needs to be put into practice with a winning psychology, but you won’t get anywhere unless you know all the basics.

Keep an eye on other players

This is a key trait of all successful poker players. Look for weaknesses and strengths in other players and then adjust your playing to counter what you see.

Have confidence in your skills

You have to have the confidence and courage to play for large pots, when an opportunity arises. Courage is a major character trait of all online  gambling  games and it’s more important in poker than any other game.

Be patient

When the odds are clearly stacked against you and you look like you will lose, you fold.

You can’t rush profits and every successful poker knows that if their patient their time will come.

5. Practice makes perfect

Theories are fine, but you need the reality of playing. This means practice and plenty of it to develop a winning playing style.

When money is on the line, emotions dominate and your knowledge has to be executed in the real world, which is not as easy as many players think!

You won’t become a successful poker player overnight

Be patient in your quest to become a great poker player.

It’s not easy and doesn’t happen over night, but with the right knowledge a positive mindset and lots of practice, you could be making big long term profits from online gaming and poker.

Top 7 Advantages of Offshore Online Gambling

No matter how objective you are there are many advantages to offshore online  gambling . If you are an avid sports fan, or casino game player, or love the horse races and have been trying to find a place to do your betting, look no further than the search engine on your computer. Although you should perform your own due diligence in finding an offshore online  gambling  site that is both reputable and customer service oriented, Best Sports  Gambling  Site Reviews and Best Casino Site Reviews have taken much of the leg work out by selecting the best  gambling  sites in the industry. These review sites have been around for several years now, and they deliver honest sports  gambling  and casino sites which offer the best odds that you can trust. Below are seven reasons why you should look offshore for your next bet.

No state-to-state wagering restrictions. You can bet at any  gambling  site offshore. States are still fighting over what can and what can’t happen in their jurisdictions and how revenue should be divided up. Until you understand state-to-state implications you had better play offshore.Bonuses. Offshore online  gambling  sites have incredible volume. Recently more customers are joining because of sign up bonuses, re-deposit bonuses, and referral bonuses. One of the most important advantages to wagering offshore is that the bonus will motivate you to try their services providing the gambler a distinct advantage over the house.

No fees for  gambling . Offshore  gambling  sites do not have parking, do not have municipalities and don’t have expensive autotote machines. They want your wagers and will not charge you for placing them.Safe, secure, and confidential. Offshore online  gambling  does not require you to leave your house, uses the same encryption technology as the large banks online, and have no incentive or obligation to share your data with the government or others.

No taxes. Offshore online  gambling  sites operate on a no-tax or tax-holiday basis. This is reflected directly in the fact that you are not obligated to report or pay taxes by your offshore  gambling  site.

Wagering Options. Offshore online  gambling  sites often offer sports, casino, horse racing and other wagering options with the same account. The best offshore wagering companies offer every bet that the track, the simulcast facility, and Las Vegas have to offer and they offer head-to-head match ups. You can even bet just about anything and everything from the stock market to who will win at the Academy Awards.

The hours of operation are flexible. Because of the Internet, offshore betting companies now have the ability to bring the action right into a gambler’s home 24-hours a day, 365-days a year. When comparing the differences between legal offshore online  gambling  sites, like the ones featured in the  gambling  review sites mentioned in this article, and the run-of-the-mill bookie is like night and day. The general manager or other management people are available for you to talk to. They have enough clerks and supervisors working during the busy periods and the online betting capability doesn’t bog down close to game time.

Sports Gambling – Top Betting Rules You Must Know For Success

Every individual who enters into any sport betting competition does that with a view of ripping the benefits. However, for this to happen one has to abide by the rules. Just like every other game, sports  gambling  have their rules that can work to give you an upper hand or not.

All sports such as football, basketball or baseball have their own rules. In football and baseball the rule is typically within the last five minutes. Any football game is seen as official once 55 minutes are played. NBA games and college basketball games are declared official at 43 and 35 minutes respectively. With this knowledge you your bet must be made before this time elapse. Once, you have made your bet, any unforeseen thing that happens and stops the game, will work in your favor or against it. if your prediction is right at this stage and the game is stopped, you get the winning price.

Another rule you need to know is that in some sports for example baseball, you can have give the chance to predict the first pitchers, while in others you may be told to give the total number of people gets to play rather than starters. So know when to make whish bet. In sports  gambling  you have to remain focused and relevant at all time.

If you fail to interpret the rules right, you may be disappointed to find yourself on the losing streak rather than the winning one. Remember local bookmakers make rules as they go and will definitely look out for rules that favor them. You can read about the bookmaker’s rules and regulations from the sportsbook.

Las Vegas Vacation – Tips, Tricks and Cautions

These “cautions”, “tips”, and “tricks” are offered to help make your Las Vegas Vacation as enjoyable, fast and easy to plan as possible. Whether this is your first trip to “Fabulous Las Vegas” or you are a veteran, you’ll find some useful tips and tricks here.

Las Vegas Travel Tips: First and foremost, the biggest mistake many travelers to Las Vegas make in planning a trip is to book the cheapest air fare/hotel package “available anywhere”. These are offered everywhere from your hometown newspaper to television ads to especially, e-mail spam. Beware!

Why? A Cheap Las Vegas Vacation is good, we agree! BUT, did you know virtually all Las Vegas Hotels have 2- 3 levels of room quality (or options)? Now, we mean even many of the five star, “big ones” many of these are just plain substandard rooms, maybe with a nice view of the air conditioning system! (This actually happened to me personally, and was it Loud!)

Things like older bed mattresses, no safes, old decorating, long walks to the casino, restraunts, shows, or even a taxi. Did you know there are monorail trains running right behind some of the rooms? How about a roller coaster right outside your window? And lots more. Just remember “cheapest” is just that. Ask at the front desk at check-in exactly where your room is, look at it before signing in if possible.

We aren’t pushing for only high dollar rooms here, just get the best quality room your budget will allow, you will be very glad you did.

Why book your Hotel first? Las Vegas is booked up an average of 94% year round, so plan ahead (at least 30+ days is recommended) to get the exact days you want, where you want, room quality you want. Plus, usually it’s less expensive to book well in advance. Did you know that Sunday through Thursday is less expensive? When you get your selected Las Vegas Hotel booked, then you can book a flight to fit the days in and out to fit YOUR schedule.

Makes sense doesn’t it?

Once you get your Las Vegas Hotel booked first. Then you can book the Las Vegas Shows that you want, when you want. Be sure to check to see if your particular show choice isn’t “dark” on your selected days. Holidays are a good example of dark days.

Then book your Las Vegas Tour. (If you have never experienced the thrill of a Helicopter Ride at night over “Glitter Gulch and Downtown”, or a daytime trip over the Boulder Dam and Grand Canyon this is something you will never forget!) It isn’t as expensive as you might think! Check our tours links for prices and times.

This is the entertainment capital of the World, so allow yourself enough time to take in as many attractions (dozens are free) as possible, it will make your Las Vegas Vacation much more memorable. If possible, book an extra night stay just to allow for a special Las Vegas Tour or a day of Las Vegas Golf.

Las Vegas Gambling Tips:

Gambling is the lifeblood of Las Vegas. You didn’t really think those billion dollar hotels were built by “winners” did you? Set a daily budget for gambling and stick to it! You do have a good chance at winning. Hundreds if not thousands of “Hand Pay Jackpots” are paid every day. Be careful though, those chips, tokens and ticket-in/ticket-out seem too much like “play money” they are not they are your real money! Stick to your budget! Did I say that already?

Get a “players card” everywhere you go and use it, or if you are a “table player” ask the pit boss to “rank” or “rate” you. They will track your play and comp you accordingly with all kinds of free stuff. Such as meals, rooms, clothing, limos, gift shop points and even cash. These really help put the odds in your favor.

Seems like my “budget” is always too small, but try your best to set a reasonable daily goal and stick to it, don’t tap into tomorrows budget! Just maybe you’ll walk away a big winner! It happens every day. Remember the phrase: “Walk away when ahead”!

It’s not my place to preach, but here are some very useful Las Vegas tips on handling your money. All that cash in the casinos you see everywhere attracts some pretty shady characters (read Crooks!) Security is excellent, but there are always a few, and it just takes one to ruin a perfect vacation.

Las Vegas Security:

Ladies, bring or buy a small purse with a neck strap or waste pouch, or fanny pack, something that is comfortable enough to keep on your person all the time. Never ever set your purse on the floor or next to a machine, or on a stool next to you. This is a magnet for thieves! Keep that strap around your neck.

Most thieves work in pairs, one to distract you, the other to snag your purse. Just a couple types of distractions they use are: one will drop a coin or dollar bill or two near you on the floor and ask you “is that your cash on the floor?” while the other grabs your stuff, or overly talkative “players” will sit down next to you and jabber to get your attention, while their partner grabs your stuff, or hits the payout button and walks away with your ticket. Believe me. This does happen. They are very slick and fast, so just be aware.

When you do accumulate a couple winning tickets, hide them in your wallet or purse until you are ready to cash them in, and then stash the cash. Remember the “walk away” tip?

Men: It isn’t degrading to wear a waste pouch. Okay, if you just don’t want to, then fold your bills and keep them in your front pants pocket. If they “pickpocket” your wallet with all your credit cards in it at least you’ll have your cash, or vice versa, just keep them separated. And, watch those tickets.

If you do hit a good size jackpot, take the money to the safe in your room or take it to the Hotel desk for safekeeping. Or, ask for a Security escort to your room or car. They are happy to provide this service. Don’t walk around the casino or streets with a big wad of cash!

The Security at all Hotels and Casinos is excellent. With all those thousands of cameras (Eyes in the sky) every inch of the casino is being taped continuously. (Did you know that Nevada law requires casinos to have this level of security?) It is for your protection as well as the Hotel/Casino.

Now please understand, we are not trying to scare you away here, but rather just make you aware! It is real easy to get caught up in all the flashing lights, noise, overhead shows, people watching and normal distractions of a casino. Just don’t give them an opportunity to ruin your fun.

Follow these Las Vegas Travel Tips and they will make your Las Vegas Vacation a lifetime memory.

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Gambling Types – 4 Types To Pick From

 Gambling  goes on for various reasons since its evolution. The most fundamental purpose for people to  gamble  is for entertainment. It is more like a chance-game which entails whatsoever is at stake, most often being money. Betting or  gambling  started around 2300 B.C., leaving artifacts like dices in and around India, Egypt, China and Rome. In a very recent survey, around 63 percent of American population feel legalized  gambling  is not junk and around another 22 percent of people would want the betting trend to be further expanded. Be it dice, roulettes or computer mouse, you can essentially decide what exactly suits you the best. Following choices would help you to decide the best.

Casino Games

Casino Games are those betting games which are usually played within Casinos. One can win straight through it with apt tactic and positive mathematical probability approach. Few examples are cited below:

1) Poker

Poker is one of the most often played casino game. A Persian Game by name “al nas” was supposed to be the originating game for today’s Poker. A deck of cards is used in poker for several rounds of betting. If you manifest the best hand, you win the pot. This would also say that skill and strategy is mandatory in poker winnings.

2) Online Casino

Online Casino games are those played over the internet; virtual casino games. Though the rules match the original Casino Games, players could either be computer generated or actual ones.

3) Slot machines

Slot Machines are betting machines that use a coin to spin a reel-set which is generally towed by a lever. You need to achieve alike patterns to get through this game.

4) Roulette

In 1942, a French mathematician by name Blaise Pascal came up with this betting game of Roulettes. Here a small ball would hit a number and that is what you bet upon.

Fixed-odds  gambling 

In such types of betting, you would have to bet on precise outcome of any particular event such as motor racing, horse racing, baseball, ice hockey, jai alai etc.

Sports betting

Sports betting are a boom factor within the  gambling  industry, although it is illegal in quite many countries. Here the bets depend upon the number of points in the sport like football or baseball. Most commonly bets in such cases are either against odds, against the spread and against the combination of odds and spread.

Arbitrage betting

This is often termed as ‘ gambling  involving no risk’. In Arbitrage betting, the concept is more like betting on a specific result but by means of varied betting groups. As this is more like an investment procedure, a huge sum of money is involved when compared to  gambling  in generic ways.

Always ensure you think of  gambling  more like your pastime rather than considering it as a spring for money. Ascertain to set aside a spending limit before engaging in any forms of  gambling . It should always remain in moderation and should never hinder your priorities in life.